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The 10 Best Things to Do for a Friend in Grief

A close friend recently lost her mother and I wanted to do something meaningful for her. But I didn't know what to do that would be helpful.

Have you been in that position before?

Next time you won't have to worry.

Here are the 10 Best Things to DO for a Friend in Grief.

1 - Find a way to memorialize their grief. If they have a favorite picture, frame it for their bedside table. If they have emails from their loved one, print them off into a book. Find a way to take their pain and help remind them of the joy.

2 - Show up. Show up to viewing, funeral or any other events surrounding the death. Be there to set up chairs or help in the kitchen. If they don't need help, your presence alone can make a difference. You don’t have say much but be there during the grief period. If that has passed come over later and let them know that you still care.

3 - Give them memories with a memory page. One of the most helpful things you can do for a grieving person is share a memory of his or her loved one—even if you feel like you’re not in the inner circle. Give their family and friends a place to talk and reminisce about their loved one and maybe even learn a few stories that they never would have heard before. Those memories are priceless.

4 - Bring over ice cream and be ready to listen. Give them a chance to talk. Friends who are grieving may just need a listening ear more than anything else. By giving them that time you may be helping in just the right way.

5 - Remember the important dates or anniversaries especially the death anniversary. Add the date to your calendar now with a reminder to send a card or a text to let them know that their loved one was not forgotten. That feeling of being supported will mean more to them than you can imagine.

6 - Acts of service Mow their lawn, take out their garbage to the road, or drop off cookies one night. These are all little things that can let the grieving person know that you love them and you are thinking about them.

7 - Give the gift of a grief journal. Give them a place to write down their feelings and memories of their loved one. Help them by giving them a safe and private place to talk without judgement.

8 - Send a card. After the funeral and everyone has gone away, let them know you still care and know that they are still hurting. A simple card can mean so much to a person who is grieving.

9 - Give them your time. It's probably the most valuable thing you have. Give your time to be with them and help them with what they need. Sometimes going with them to run errands may be the best thing you can do or grabbing their groceries at the store can make a big difference in their life.

10- Don’t forget their loved one. Talk about their loved one with them. You can let them lead the conversation but don't avoid saying their name. Keep it open and comfortable and you will find that they will feel comfortable sharing more with you.

At the end of the day it is important to let them know that you care about them and to just do something!

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