Rituals for comfort

Rituals for Comfort

rituals - comfort - holidays - support - Grief

Where can you turn for peace especially after losing a loved ...

Dreading halloween

Why I am Dreading Halloween This Year

Halloween - Memories - Life After Loss - holidays - Grief

Halloween has taken a turn for me and this is why I am dread ...

Finding gratitude

Finding Gratitude in our Grief

Gratitude - thankful - surviving - Life After Loss - holidays - Grief

Finding things you are grateful can be a challenge when you ...

Redefining christmas

Redefining Christmas

Christmas - holidays - death - moving on

Christmas has always been about family. But what do you do ...

Suriving the holidays

Surviving the Holidays After a Loss

Joy - Thanksgiving - living - surviving - Christmas - surviving loss - Life After Loss - holidays

Instead of the holiday cheer for people who have lost a love ...

Where are you chirstmas 2

Where are you, Christmas?

Christmas - grieving - surviving loss - Life After Loss - holidays

Where are you, Christmas? Have you felt like this during th ...

Surviving family gatherings

Surviving Family Gatherings without Loved Ones

survivors - surviving loss - Loss - death - family - holidays

Family Gatherings are forever changed after a loved one pass ...